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"Making Hip-Hop with a blue collar feel

Although Bobby spent most of his life moving around Michigan and the rest of the country; it's Bay City, Michigan that Americana rap artist Bobby Chance calls his birthplace and home.

Due to a nomadic and blue collar up bringing Bobby Chance found himself always being exposed to different types of people and music. Not just rap/hip-hop, rock and, country. But also, jazz, bluegrass, classical, and just about anything else that kept time and rhythm. This is evident when considering the track selection on his first studio released album 'Michigan Me', of which he was executive producer.

By trade, Bobby Chance is a union sheet metal worker; Local 7 Zone 3 to be exact.  Raised to never be afraid of hard work or getting his hands dirty, it's not a surprise that the bulk of his subject matter would be from the perspective of one that is truly blue collar.

Being an excellent story teller with a unique ability to relate to his listeners, Bobby Chance was able win the top prize for best original song in a nation video contest at, sponsored by the American Federation of Musicians and other labor unions with his his first major single; an homage to the skilled trade of sheet metal work called "6-10s" feat. Mike Ricklefs. Winnings of the contest included a cash prize and a free recording session at studio 47 in Los Angeles, CA. The sheet metal workers loved their new anthem so much that they sponsored the trip to California for Bobby Chance and his engineer Charles Conley.

As one thing would lead to another, the release of "6-10s" would open the door for Bobby to start working with artists in other genres. Enter Randy Badour, a local country singer who actually went to high school with Bobby. Their first of many collaborations was "Never Stops", a  poignant record that addresses all of the mass shootings that seem to keep plaguing the country and the frustration that comes from not being able to find a solution to stop them. Randy was so impressed with the song when finished that he invited Bobby to preform the track twice to a sold out crowd while opening for Ryan Upchurch.

An artist with range; Bobby Chance does not shy away from uncharted territory. Whether he's rapping about acting on the intense rage that comes with the loss of a murdered loved one in "2 Shots: A Drankin Song", featuring Randy Badour and produced by Mike Frame; exploring the exceptional love a parent has for their special needs child in "Be Your Voice", featuring V1ctor King and produced by Anthony Jiles; or just having a good time with again Randy Badour and Mike Frame on "Boondock Party". 

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